Our new volunteer

We want to introduce you to the newest addition to our team:

Last week Emma began volunteering with us to gain some experience in the dog handling industry.

Emma works well with both the dogs and our staff and we love having her on board.

The dogs respond well to Emma and they certainly enjoy the extra cuddles and attention.

Emma is currently studying canine behavior and will be participating in the Pet Tech first aid course this weekend.


Our Committment at CCC

Although owners may not always want to hear that their dog has had an off day, we are committed to giving truthful answers when a dog is picked up. It is important that owners are made aware of any issues so that we can work together to ensure their dog receives the most out of their day care experience. While we do not accept aggressive dogs at CCC we do take on dogs who we feel can become accustomed to the day care environment with a little bit of extra time, energy and TLC. Issues can range from going toilet on beds… to toy possession… to being overly timid and more. We are committed to doing our best so that when a dog is picked up and we say she/he was very good today, you will know that we mean it :)- as a side note we have had to turn away two four legged clients who were not suited to a day care environment. CCC is a safe, friendly, enjoyable environment and we aim to keep it that way.

Important notice for weekend stays-Please read

Bethells Farm Stay for Dogs are going on holiday for a few weeks. This means that we are not able to offer weekend kennels until after August 16th. Very sorry for any inconvenience. As you can imagine running a kennel is a lot of work and to leave it in the hand of someone else while you are on holiday would be super stressful so we can see why Garry and Sandra decided it would make more sense to close down for those few weeks so that they can enjoy a well deserve holiday 🙂

Why choose Complete Canine Care?

There are now a number of different option when it comes to pet care. Not only can you choose from a number of different day cares but there are also pet walking and pet minding services. We can’t say that we are any better than the others as we simply do not have that information. What we can do is tell you what we do and how we run and leave the decision up to you.

So why choose us?:

– We are owner run and operated. We have no plans to franchise as we love having the personal touch

-Dogs receive both dog and human interactions while at our facility. It is important for dogs to learn to play and get along with other dogs. It is equally important for dogs to learn appropriate interactions with people. We reinforce basic manors and give plenty of support to dogs who are feeling a bit nervous or who need a little bit of ‘work.’ By having these interaction with your dogs we know exactly how they have behaved during the day so we can give you an honest answer when you ask “how was he/she today?”

-Extra services. We provide kennels, field trips, a school bus, pet retail and more. This is not only for your convenience but to ensure that you dog gets the best out of all opportunities presented

-All of our staff come to us with past experience in the pet care industry along with a pet first aid certificate and ongoing training

-We do not encourage owners to have there dog in a US style kennel facility 7 day a week. We send our boarders to Bethells for the weekend to ensure that they are getting plenty of fresh air. As great as indoor facilities are (especially in winter) it is important for dogs to have a chance to get out in the open, roll in mud and race through the grass. Having your dogs with us for Monday-Thursday night and then at Bethells Friday-Sunday night gives dogs great balance and variety.

-We love dogs. Plain and simple. We will treat your dog the way we would treat our own and provide the utmost care for your four legged friend.

If you would like to know more about our dog day care or our other services please contact Rhiannon on 09 215 8092 or admin@completecaninecare.co.nz

Dog Day Care-Growing Fast!

Wow what a week! Last week we had a total of 16 new dogs join our little furry family here at CCC. Everyone settled in well and had a blast! We must thank GrabOne for the Dog Day Care deal that they ran for us as it spread the word about our facility as many were unaware that we were up and running.

Photos from last week, and all weeks, can be found on our facebook page.

We can’t wait to meet many more lovely new faces, with a new dog booked in every day this week we are feeling pretty happy 🙂



Exciting New Services

This past week CCC has meet with D for Dog Training and Bethells Farmstay for dogs in order for us to bring our customers a one stop shop for all of their pet care needs! We loved meeting both groups of people and were very impressed with the services they provide. What this means for you as a customer is:

  • You can now attend dog training classes at our centre on Saturdays. It also provides you with a behavioural consult service. Bookings essential
  • We can now provide a 24/7 boarding service by transporting your dogs to Bethells Farmstay over the weekend. Read our services page for more info! Bookings essential