Puppy Head Start Program

Do you have a puppy between 16 weeks-7 months of age? If so then the puppy head start program is for you! It is a great way to develop your puppy’s social skills and training from a young age to set your pooch up for a happy, healthy and well rounded life.


The 3 week basic puppy training program includes:

  • Introduction to day care, two full days of day care per week for 3weeks
  • Touch desensitization – getting puppies used to being touched all over their body
  • Puppy’s first bath, including nail clip if necessary
  • Target behaviour- introduce/practice: sit,stay/wait, recall, loose lead walking
  • Introducing and providing a positive association to different stimulus: cars, vacuum, people, dogs etc

Cost: $270


All puppies must be fully vaccinated and meet day care prerequisites to participate