Complete Canine Care offers wash and dry services along with nail clips and ear cleans for our doggy clients but our qualified groomer offers a more extensive range of clips and cuts.


Maintenance or full grooms can be booked with our independent groomer who uses our premises: Sophie’s Dog Grooming 0210727556

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What our grooms include

A simple bath and towel dry

Works Wash: brush, bath and blow dry, nail clip and ear clean

Sophie’s Dog Groomers, our independent groomer, offers the following:

Mini Groom: Bath, blow dry, nail clip, ear clean, and hygiene area

Full Groom: Bath, dry, nail clip, ears, hygiene area and coat trim/de-shed

To book and find out pricing with Sophie’s Dog Grooming services, please call her on 021 072 7556

Disclaimer: All independent grooms are responsibility of the groomer. CCC provides the facilities for this service but is not liable for any issues that the owner may have with the groom
Complete Canine Care Paw

Sophie’s Dog Grooming Pricing Guide

Full Groom : Bath, dry, brush, nail clip, ears, hygiene area and coat trim/de-shed
Dog SizePrice
Mini groom: Bath dry, nail clip, ear clean, hygiene area
Dog SizePrice
Complete Canine Care Paw

Complete Canine Grooming Prices

Dog SizeWash and DryNail clipsEar cleanThe Works (wash, dry, ear clean, nails clipped and a brush)
Extra Large$56$11$11$62
Disclaimer: These prices are only a guideline, accurate quotes cannot be given until we have seen your pet. Those presenting with matting, fleas, excessively dirty coats or grooms which take longer to due behaviour will incur a higher fee.

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