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Top 5 Indoor Games for Rainy Days

Top 5 Indoor Games for Rainy Days We are coming out the other side of winter so we will be able to take our dogs out more often for exercise! Yay! However, some wet days can still be expected so

Never Punish the Growl

There is a popular saying among some dog trainers; NEVER PUNISH A GROWL. Do you know why we say that? We tell people to never punish a growl because a growl is a warning signal. Your dog is communicating that

Learning to “talk” & “listen” to your dog

Dog Body Language 101   I really wish my dog could talk to me – or maybe it’s a good thing she doesn’t. I’d never hear the end of how she’s hungry again or how there MIGHT be someone at

Time To Learn a New Trick!-Roll Over

HOW TO: Teach your dog to roll over! Bree Collins- Assistant Manager @ CCC   I love teaching tricks to my pooch! It’s lots of fun for both of us and it’s a great bonding activity, plus it’s awesome to

A Dog Owner’s Easter Survival Guide

A Dog Owner’s Easter Survival Guide Bree Collins Easter weekend is a great time to have family around and make the most of the last of the summer sun. A huge part of our families are our furry friends so

Complete Canine Care’s Guide to Guy Fawkes

Complete Canine Care’s Guide to Guy Fawkes By Bree Collins- Assistant Manager    Guy Fawkes is one of the most stressful times of the year for our pets. The fireworks that are enjoyed by humans can be terrifying for our

Trick of the month

Trick of The Month Lacey Knox I love training tricks. It was a skill I never appreciated until I enrolled my own dog in a weekly tricks training class at our local dog club. While it is vital to teach

Top 3 Day Care Tried and Tested Toys

Running a day care centre can be hard work. We are always looking at ways we can enrich the dogs days at day care while sticking to a budget. We went through so many toys that we decided it was

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Dog Walking- A closer look into an unregulated industry

Recent media attention on dog walking services has highlighted the issue of quality of care and service provided by dog walking companies. Specifically, the issues of (1) transparency about whether the quality of care and service that you’ve been promised

How to choose the right pet care service for your dog Rhiannon Taylor (Owner of Complete Canine Care Ltd) Doggie day care, adventure walks, home visits and solo walks are just a few examples of the services we can enlist